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Private Investigation Services


Our team conducts surveillance for almost anything and everything under the sun. Whether it is for personal, legal or business purposes, we can surely provide you with what you need. Our private investigators will give you the evidence you are looking for, which ranges from video coverage to photographs, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. You will be provided with a professional, detailed report indicating every single activity that took place, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and physical descriptions of the individuals involved.

Infidelity Investigations

Are you in doubt and can't seem to stop wondering what your spouse or partner is doing when you are not together? Why keep questioning and worrying yourself when you can know and see it with your own eyes?

Private Investigators of Encino will help you find the answers you are in search of. Not only will we keep a watchful eye but we can also show you video footage and photographs. We want to present you with nothing but facts because at the end of the day, our aim is to let you know if the worrying has to stop or not.

Missing Persons / Skip tracing

We know that losing track of a loved one is not easy. We have private investigators that specialize in making sure that you find who you're looking for. Whether it be that long lost "love of your life," a missing relative, an old friend, a witness, or even a deadbeat spouse, we'll locate them using various techniques and skills.

Find Person's Current Employer

All we need is a name, social security number, and a state and we will do a nationwide search for whoever it is you are looking for. This is mostly useful for child support collections, missing persons, locating witnesses, finding defendants, vehicle repossession, etc.

Data Base Record Search

Using a plethora of databases not available to the general public, we'll search for who or what you are looking for. We can find complete details about them and compile everything for your convenience. These records can include any or all of the following: criminal records, civil records, driving records, property ownership, background checks, marriage histories, and many more.

Undercover operations

When the case calls for it, our private investigators can conduct undercover operations to get to the bottom of the truth. For inquiries, or if your type of case was not mentioned, give us a call, as we may need to go undercover. Talk to us and let us know what you need.

Child custody and recovery

Not sure if your child is in good hands with your ex-spouse? Worry no more, because we can help you find out the truth. Our private investigators can thoroughly investigate whether your child is being taken care of or not. We can even discreetly follow your ex and child during visitations. Photo and video coverage can also be made available for you. If you also need to know your ex's lifestyle, habits, etc., then we can also conduct such investigations. If needed, our private investigators can also testify in court.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Do you have an applicant you are eyeing for the job but haven't a clue of his/her employment profile aside from that which was provided? Give us a call now so we can help you screen them and make sure prior to offering the position that they're the right fit. We will give you a complete background check which will include most or all of the following: criminal records, previous civil records, driving records, employment background, and much more. A pre-employment release form is required.

Loss Prevention

Is your revenue dropping because of retail theft that you are unaware of? Let our private investigators go undercover and find the answers to your questions. The undercover agent will mingle and work with a body-word hidden camera to locate the cause of such loss.

We can even install hidden surveillance cameras so that you can look out for any unlawful acts and maybe even retail theft. Whether you want to uncover dishonest work performance or suspect non-work related activities, we will assist you. Our investigators are also well experienced in the courtroom and can provide testimonies.

Attorney Services

Private Investigators of Encino offers a large array of general attorney services. Here are some of the services we can provide: surveillance, locating witnesses, background investigations, scene investigations, jury pool backgrounds, recorded statements, process service, video depositions, and interviews. If the particular service you are looking for is not listed here, give us a call so we can tell you if we can do it for you.

Tenant Screening

Want to know if the tenant you are about to sign a contract with is law abiding? We can combine numerous criminal background investigations, criminal record checks, and database record searches to investigate and screen applicants and obtain their profile.

Recorded or Sworn Statements

Our investigators can come up with complete recorded and sworn statements to document a subject's personal history, lifestyle, and anything relevant to the case. If needed, we can obtain these over the phone. Flat rates are available.

Victim Assistance

It is not easy getting over being a crime victim. It is only when justice is truly served before you can even start going through the healing process. Sometimes, the law enforcement can only do so much, and you might need additional investigative services. We can take photographs, conduct interviews with witnesses or suspects, and a lot more relevant to your case.

Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras

Are you restless at work because you left your child at home alone with a babysitter? Let us help you put your mind at ease. We can install hidden nanny cams so you can monitor what goes on while you are not home.

Is your home or office being vandalized? Let our team of investigators set up hidden cameras where you need it the most. Since they are almost undetectable, you can review what really goes on. All video footage can also be used as evidence in the courtroom.

Polygraph examination

Whether you are an individual, a business owner, a lawyer, or even a law enforcer, we can provide polygraph examinations and results. All of which are professionally carried out.

Process of service

Need help filing cases in California or across the country? We can help you. We offer rush services including immediate status updates plus issuing and filing of process. No mileage fees with unlimited attempts as long as we are provided the correct address of who is to be served.

Electronic Countermeasures

Scared of being eavesdropped on? Let our investigators inspect your devices at home or work. We can detect wire taps or phone bugs and easily remove them with our special equipment. Stop unwanted eavesdropping immediately.

Dead Beat Dads/Moms

Do you need help locating your deadbeat spouse or ex? Or do you want to know if he/she really is unemployed or earning enough for child support? Let us help you figure out the facts. Your child does not deserve to suffer and should have everything he/she needs to assure they live their childhood healthily.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Are you unsure of medical malpractice claims or workers' compensation? Our team of investigators can provide detective services and provide you with evidence that is needed for documentation purposes. We will also scrutinize the subject's neighborhood to find out their daily routine and way of life.

Accident Scene Investigations

Our specialized accident investigators carry out on-site investigations and reenactments. We also gather photos of the scene, record statements, conduct interviews with the witnesses and/or victims, etc.

Background investigations

Background investigations are specifically used to determine a person's employment, reputation, criminal, civil and medical history etc. using courthouse research or online databases.

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